PMO Value Proposition

“Digital Business Transformation is forcing PMO Leaders to move away from the traditional project-centric governance model to one that is sophisticated and product centric. Reshaping and enhancing the PMO Mandate to align with these transformative initiatives will increase its value to the enterprise”
- James Proctor, PMP, Managing Partner

Proformance Consultants mission is “to maximize value through innovative project leadership”.  We take a holistic approach to Project Management and know that business is evolving in the Digital Age.  This evolution demands that Project Management Offices (PMOs) changes its mandate and we are at the forefront of helping businesses redefine their PPM strategy in a disruptive environment.  We take a proactive approach and see PPM more than just implementing projects the right way.  The value of a PMO occurs when you incorporate Portfolio Project Management capabilities and ensure that the organization is identifying the right projects to invest in.  Proformance Consultants takes a unique approach in delivering consultative services as seen below in our value proposition:


We are focused 100% on Project and Portfolio Management as a Service (PPMaaS).  All of our services are based upon improving an organization’s PPM capabilities and removing the obstacles which are hindering success.  We are able to do this by targeting our solutions to three general categories which have the most effect on PMO success: Communication, Education, Organization


Our expertise is Program and Portfolio Management and our Managing Partner is a PPM centric leader with 20 years of experience building and implementing Strategies relating to Enterprise Project Management Organizations (EPMO). This experience allows us to understand what CEO’s and other Senior Leaders are thinking regarding PPM and how we can stay “ahead of the curve” by solving the delivery challenges organizations are facing.


We have a comprehensive list of PPMaaS offerings including a “4-Week PMO Accelerator” which is a hyper-focused engagement where we perform a targeted but comprehensive maturity assessment on a client’s PMO and build out an implementation plan based upon the current state and desired future state; all within 4 weeks.  Many consulting firms take a “all sizes fit one” approach which we never do.  Our solutions will align the PMO with the goals and objectives of the organizations while following industry best practices.  This will help ensure that your PMO is setup for success; both today and in the future.  


We are committed and focused to advancing sound Program and Portfolio Management principles and part of that advancement is shown by our PMO thought-leadership Insights.  Even though we are a business, we also are committed to giving back by educating people interested in project management by providing free tools and articles.  We believe the best way to demonstrate that you can help someone is by actually helping someone.  On a routine basis, we will continue to add new and relevant free content of value on our website.