PPMaaS PMO Strategy Consulting

“We focus on helping leaders evolve the enterprise’s project, product, program and portfolio capabilities to successfully deliver change and business outcomes” James Proctor, Managing Partner

program and portfolio management

Proformance Consultants is committed to helping your organization build and evolve your Program and Portfolio Management (PPM) capabilities, so they are aligned with the strategic goals and objectives driving business.  We take a progressive approach to our Program and Portfolio Management as a Service (PPMaaS) offerings so you will have an Enterprise PMO that is flexible and able to change with the market demands.  Here are our PPMaaS Service Offerings:

  • Capability Assessment and Maturity Development

    • Organizational PPM Assessments
    • Development of Role-Based Capabilities
    • PPM Roadmap Development and Action Planning
    • PPM Continuous Improvement
    • Product and Program Initiative Leadership Development
  • PPM PMO Implementation and Operation

    • PMO Concept and Vision Development
    • PMO Structure, Process and Business Case Justification support
    • PMO Change Management Planning
    • PMO Evolution and Maturity Review
    • PMO Mentoring and Advisory Consulting
    • PMO Interim Leadership
  • PPM Investment Selection, Resourcing and Governance

    • Steering Committee Formation and Operation
    • Strategic Support and Measurement
    • Next Generation Portfolio Reporting – AI, Machine Learning, NLP
    • Investment Prioritization Methods and Practices
    • Resource Management Practices
    • Demand Management Optimization
    • Project Portfolio Implementation
    • Project Portfolio Management and Operations
  • Agile Framework and PPM Best Practices

    • Agile PPM Framework and Methodology Review and Selection
    • Standards Assessment and Usage Review
    • Agile Framework Implementation and Change Management
    • Intellectual Capital (IC) Offerings Provisioning and Development
    • Development and Implementation of Templates and Standards
  • Project and Program Delivery Management

    • Strategic Action Planning and Initiative Identification
    • Project/Program Conceptualization and Formation
    • Leadership and Advisory Services
    • PPM Solution Support and Analysis
    • Value and Benefits Review
    • Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) Services
    • Project/Program Change Management
    • Turnaround and Rescue of Distressed Programs/Projects

The table below is a good visualization of a typical Large Scale EPMO implementation and the steps involved.  Proformance Consultants can take on any and all of these PMO Implementation Activities.

The expected measurable outcomes are based upon industry standard ROI averages. By moving your PMO maturity from being ranked in the middle 50th percentile to one which is in the 75th percentile will typically see these results.  In addition, the $175k cost savings is based upon an average initiative cost of $1m.  It is important to have a common frame of reference when it comes to outcomes so you understand how these benefits were calculated.  Our approach is to get you to a high performing PMO where you get the best value realistically without over-promising results.    

If you are interested in learning more about how Proformance Consultants can help your organization with our PPMaaS Offerings, email us at:

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