Welcome to Proformance Consultants – A Message from our Founder

James Proctor, PPM and PMO Leader at Proformance Consultants

James Proctor, The Founder of Proformance Consultants says;

It is most definitely an understatement when I say that 2020 has been a difficult and disruptive year.  I am hopeful that everybody is staying safe in the “new normal”.  With a shift to a remote workforce and external market pressures, being a business or IT leader is more difficult than ever. However, I know that we are a resilient people and we will move past these unique challenges. 

James Proctor ( PPM and PMO Leader)

For those that do not know me, my name is James Proctor and I am a founder and Managing Partner of Proformance Consultants.  I am excited to be part of this great team and I am looking forward to working with each of you.  My background is in Project Portfolio Management (PPM) leadership with 20 years’ experience building and leading agile PMOs.  I have been working with my business partner the past few months in building a niche consulting practice that focuses on Project Portfolio Management as a Service (PPMaaS) which is PMO 3.0.  I think that you will appreciate the steps we have taken to ensure that we provide the best and most relevant Agile PPM services to our clients. 

I have a passion for PPM, and it drives me to helping our clients with their specific needs.  You will see that a large part of our brand and website is tied to our articles and insights.  I want to give back to the PMO community by providing information and tools of value which you will see updated in our Insights section of the website.  Regardless if you decide to hire Performance Consultants, we will provide these free resources as I want the PPM field as a whole aligning itself with the strategic direction of business.  I think these resources will provide value to PMO Leaders, IT and Business Executives, Product Managers, Program Managers and students interested in PPM.  

Please look around our website and feel free to email me if you have any questions or if there is specific content you would like to see presented.  Besides our insights, you will see our four service offerings.  For me, I am most excited about our 4-Week PMO Accelerator Program.  Briefly, this Accelerator does two things. First, it will allow your organization to have a fresh set of eyes on your PMO and its capabilities.  Many times, leaders are too close and unable to look at their PMO from a holistic perspective. 

 We will perform a current state maturity assessment of your PMO and then provide an execution plan to moving your PMO to the level you need it to be, so it aligns with your organizational goals and objectives.  Second, besides providing you with that comprehensive assessment based upon leading best practices, we will also give you the roadmap and blueprint to achieving the goals we set together.  We realize that hiring a consultant is both expensive and disruptive so we will always give you the specific deliverables you need to execute the recommended plan after we are gone. 

 Our three pillars are Communication, Education and Organization and that will be the approach taken with the 4-Week PMO Accelerator.  In addition to this Accelerator Program, we also provide PPMaaS offerings such as PPM Tool Selection/Implementation, PPM and PMO Strategy, and interim PMO Leadership.  All of that information is on our website or you can reach out to me to learn more.  

Starting a new business is both exciting and challenging but I am confident in our firm’s ability to add value to your business.  We are a small group of PPM thought leaders committed to making your PMO the best it can be.  Thank you again for taking the time to read this welcome letter and I look forward to learning more about your organization’s specific needs.

Best Regards,


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